Sales Tax Distributions By Jurisdiction (Georgia Tax Center)

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Sales tax distributions represent distributions of all tax types (LOST, SPLOST, ELOST, etc.) to tax jurisdictions. Tax jurisdictions are areas subject to certain tax regulations and can be within or across county boundaries, such as a school district or city tax jurisdiction. A local option sales tax (LOST) is a special purpose tax generally implemented to fund government operations. A special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST) is a special purpose tax generally used to fund capital outlay. ELOST and ESPLOST are similar to their LOST and SPLOST counterparts, except they are generally used to fund education operations and education capital outlay, respectively. There are other types of special purpose taxes, such as the TSPLOST, which is generally used for funding transportation capital outlay. Distributions are lagged by one month, so April distributions were collected in March.

Data can be filtered by rural/urban counties, Regional Commission region, county, jurisdiction, or distribution month. Hover over the bar chart to see data values associated with the year. Sort the table columns by selecting the column headers. Search for a particular jurisdiction by selected the magnifying glass icon on the Jurisdiction column header and typing the jurisdiction name into the search box. Then select the green check mark to save your selection. To remove a selection, click the small “X” next to your selection's name in the gray bar above the visualizations.

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