UI Claims by Industry

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The unemployment insurance (UI) program provides financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Initial UI claims represents the number of unemployed individuals requesting determination of eligibility for the UI program. The initial claims count also includes those applying for partial unemployment. Cumulative initial claims represent a cumulative count of the number of initial claims. The initial claims data are real time data from the Georgia Department of Labor. As such, the data have not been validated and some claims may be duplicative or invalid. Furthermore, cumulative initial claims may be overstated as business reopenings may return some individuals to employment status. The data are updated weekly on Thursdays. Industry employment data come from EMSI, Inc.

Data can be filtered by date, rural/urban counties, Regional Commission region, or NAICS industry. In the table, select the plus sign next to a Region row to see the values for each NAICS industry in the region.

Sources: Georgia Department of Labor, “Weekly Initial Claims – Downloads”
2019 Averages, EMSI, Inc.