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Georgia Statistics System

A service of the University of Georgia’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Cooperative Extension Service, and Carl Vinson Institute of Government, the Georgia Statistics System (GSS) allows users to customize statistics, maps, and graphs using data from the Georgia County Guide and the Farm Gate Value Report. The site is designed to facilitate economic development by improving the information base available to decision-makers in local government, schools, and businesses.

Georgia Department of Economic Development Georgia Facts

Georgia's public-private web resource for economic development is the result of a long-standing partnership between Georgia businesses and the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Georgia Facts contains directories of available buildings, Georgia manufacturers, foreign-based companies with operations in the state, and a host of useful county data.

Georgia Farm Gate Value Reports

The Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development at the University of Georgia produces the annual Farm Gate Value Report (FGVR). The FGVR is compiled from a survey of Georgia Cooperative Extension county agents and commodity specialists and provides annual county-level information about the value of all food and fiber commodities grown in the state. The Farm Gate site allows users to view and print reports for Georgia agricultural data by year, commodity, and county.

Georgia Juvenile Justice Data Clearinghouse

The Georgia Juvenile Justice Data Clearinghouse is a product of the Juvenile Data Integrity Stakeholders Work Group and the following state agencies:

The Georgia Juvenile Justice Data Clearinghouse provides juvenile justice reports and other data for all Georgia counties.

Georgia Labor Market Explorer

The Georgia Labor Market Explorer is a web portal created by the Georgia Department of Labor that allows employers, job seekers, economic developers, and others to access labor market data and analysis.

Governor’s Office of Student Achievement Report Card

The Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) provides accountability for all of Georgia's education agencies from pre-kindergarten through postsecondary levels with the goal of improving student achievement and school completion in Georgia.

As part of this mission, GOSA presents its annual report on Georgia's public education agencies. GOSA hopes that the information contained in these reports and future reports will provide educators, parents, students, and all stakeholders with valuable information and challenge communities to improve education for all of Georgia's children.


OASIS, the Online Analytical Statistical Information System, is a suite of interactive tools used to access the Georgia Department of Public Health's standardized health data repository. These data include vital statistics, hospital discharge, emergency room visit, arboviral surveillance, youth risk behavior survey, behavioral risk factor surveillance survey, STD, motor vehicle crash, and population data.

OASIS and the repository are designed, built, and maintained by the Office of Health Indicators for Planning (OHIP). The mapping tool, designed by OHIP, is developed and maintained by the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government.


The Tax and Expenditure Data Center for Georgia Local Governments, or TED, is a source for learning more about local government fiscal conditions in Georgia. TED is part of the state's commitment to providing an open government for Georgians. Developed by the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government, TED is maintained through a partnership with the Georgia General Assembly to provide community-specific financial information to the public.